Conference format and Delegates statistics

SRN2020 will test the new 4-day format for the first time in a SRN Annual Conference. The decision to add one day to the usual three of past years came as a result of the sharp increase in the numbers of delegates and presentations (steadily more than 100 since at least 2014) that mirrors that of membership in recent years.

While on one hand this reflects the success enjoyed by the Network, on the other hand the 4-day format will allow us to still accommodate a high number of presentations without having to pile up too many simultaneous panels which sometimes results in attendance to individual panels stretching way too thin (after all, numbers don’t lie!). Discussion with members and attendees at the last AGM in 2019 in Porto led to a widespread consensus that there should not be more than 4 panels per session. Therefore, SRN2020 in Oxford will be the testing ground for the new format with the understanding that, if proved beneficial, this should be considered as an available option rather than a prescriptive format for conference organizers in following years.

Track: “Just Around the World” from “Free Ganymed” by KieLoKaz, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

We are thrilled to announce that at SRN2020 we are going to have what looks like the most diverse and inclusive conference to date, which is testament to the efforts made by the Executive Council (following the impulse at the latest AGM) to stimulate and widen participation in so far underrepresented regions. Here are some telling figures we’d like to share with you:

  • 118 papers
  • 3 poster presentations
  • 2 keynote speakers
  • 2 special guests (TBC)
  • 132 speakers from 34 different countries (including, for the first time ever, in random order: Paraguay, Uruguay, Georgia, South Africa, Estonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates)
  • 76 female speakers (57.6%)
  • 36 early career researchers (28%)
  • 40 panels
  • 17 sessions
  • 150+ delegates
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