ECR Symposium

The ECR symposium “Looking towards the Future”, organized by ECR Representative Ann Igelström in November 2021, is a unique opportunity for Early Career Researchers to present and discuss their ongoing research with the wider research field.

The format will be similar to the SRN2021 Research Seminar Series Online, with pre-recorded presentation made available online two weeks prior to the symposium, followed by two live Q&A panels. Ann Igelström will chair the live panels together with a researcher from the specific field under discussion.

Here below are the main facts:

  • The two Q&A live panels will take place on 16 November at 9am and 5pm GMT. The live panels start with the presenters giving a 2-3 minute abstract of their pre-recorded paper followed by a Q&A and general discussion. The panels will last about 50-60 minutes followed by a 30 minute ‘Happy Hour’ where the discussion can keep going as well as giving everyone a chance to network and have an informal chat.
  • The pre-recorded presentations are 10-15 minutes long and will be available on the website two weeks prior to the live session. Questions can be asked in the comment box underneath the presentation or during the live panels.

Panel 1: National and international screenwriting productions, and perspectives on the text (16 November 9am)

  • Fadi G. Haddad and Alexander Dhoest (Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Antwerp, Belgium), Netflix Speaks Arabic, Arabs Speak Netflix: How SVOD is Transforming Arabic Series Screenwriting
  • Tom Carter (Lancaster, UK), Transcultural Screenwriting Considerations and the British Screenwriter in South Korea
  • Fanny Van Exaerde (Lille, France), Cocteau’s Screenwriting in Testament of Orpheus
  • Carina Böhm (Adelaide, Australia), Unfiltered Storytelling – An exploration of (highly) sensitive perception for character development
  • Louise Sawtell (Adelaide, Australia), A screen of one’s own: Writing a female gaze in the screenplay

Panel 2: The Screenplay as object of study and the subjectivity of the text (16 November 5pm)

  • Lucas Martins Néia (São Paulo, Brazil), The Brazilian Telenovela as an Object of Screenwriting Studies: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Challenges
  • Érica Ramos Sarmet (São Paulo, Brazil), The Useless Writing: Excess in Film Screenplays
  • Michael Welles Schock (Portland, Oregon, USA), Redefining the Character Arc through Berger & Luckmann’s The Social Construction of Reality
  • Márcio Andrade (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Prayers Out of ClosetFrom the memories of a queer childhood to a filmic letter in the search for another spirituality

See the full Programme, Abstracts and Bios here below.