The SRN and the SRN Annual Conferences have always been and will always be friendly, inclusive, welcoming spaces. As this year’s conference is replaced by the new (hopefully one-off) online format, please consider SRN2021 an extension of our usual in-person interactions.

As such, we shall apply the same standards online as we do in person. Please treat everyone with courtesy, kindness, openness, and with the same respect you wish and expect to receive.

No harassment and/or (cyber)bullying of any kind will be tolerated: we are certain that there will be no such instances, but in the odd chance this happens, the person responsible will receive only one warning before being kicked out of SRN2021.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot have healthy, vigorous debates, or that we can’t disagree with someone’s arguments: we can get at one another’s “academic throats” as long as we do that in a constructive, respectful and scholarly fashion.

That said, please keep in mind that we have members from 50+ countries and all continents. As of posting this (20 August), delegates have registered from as many as 43 different countries already and therefore everyone is invited to acknowledge and respect cultural difference as an added value to the network.

Privacy and copyright: the website includes personal information (e.g. email addresses) which are treated in compliance with GDRP laws and used solely for the purposes of networking within (the “boundaries” of) SRN2021. Likewise, paper presentations and recordings of live sessions are/will be made available (but not sharable) to all registered delegates for research purposes. Delegates are welcome to use this information and content for such purposes for as long as it remains available. However, consider that such content is the result of hard work and effort that often leads to future publications or further research and therefore please refrain from share any of it on social media.

Please also check out our Note on copyright and Note on diversity, equality and inclusion.