Live Panels

All Live sessions will be on Zoom.

Discussion/Q&A panels have been scheduled based on the following criteria: 1) time zone/geographic area, and 2) thematic grouping (based on papers’ keywords/content).

Each day will have two sessions of roughly four hours each with a five-hour break in-between. This takes into account the fact that, although we do have speakers whose geolocations span 20 time zones, the vast majority are still from Europe. While it’s basically impossible to have colleagues from the Americas and from Asia-Pacific attend live simultaneously (unless they decide to burn the past-midnight oil), this approach will allow for the largest/broadest possible audience.

In essence:

  • Session 1 will run in the morning (for Western and Central Europe), early afternoon (for Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and India), and in the late afternoon/evening (for Asia-Pacific countries).
  • Session 2 will allow attendance at decent hours for colleagues in the US (morning and early afternoon), in South America (late afternoon), in Europe and Africa (late afternoon/evening), as well as in the Middle and India (albeit in the late evening).

See the conversion table below to get an idea of when the two sessions are slotted in your time zones. You will find more specific information by clicking the Schedule button below.