Maite Galarza


Tuesday 31 August (Day 1), Session 2, 7 pm


Dr. María Teresa (Maite) Galarza is an Ecuadorian arts practitioner and researcher. Her research establishes dialogues between gender studies, film, cultural studies, law, and human rights. She has presented her creative research outcomes in Latin America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. Maite Galarza has an interdisciplinary academic background, with undergraduate degrees in film, education, and law, and postgraduate training in communication, culture, arts, Latin American Literature, and education.

She was awarded a Ph.D. by the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia. Her doctoral research inquiries about reproductive justice issues in Ecuador and Latin America, through the practice of screenwriting.

Maite has collaborated, advised, and been a consultant on communications, arts, and educational policy issues for various public and private institutions. Currently, she is the vice-president of the Ecuadorian Fellows Association, ABREC, and a professor at the Film School of the University of Cuenca.