Note on content made available online and copyright

We plan for all content submitted by SRN2021 speakers (i.e. pre-recorded presentations, posters, abstracts and similar) to be available for as long as the website remains active – that is, a minimum of 2 years (until July 2023) – so as to encourage and foster research exchange and networking amongst SRN members and the event delegates.

As with all conferences, papers presented at SRN2021 are the result of ongoing research projects that may lead to publications or other outputs. Understandably, you might have some concerns over making your paper/presentation available online. The mandatory registration should allay those concerns as it means that content will be online but “unlisted”, i.e. visible only to registered delegates (not to the general public).

Needless to say, the submission of any material to SRN2021 does NOT imply any transfer of applicable copyright in any way.