Recording and submitting your paper presentations


File type: MP4

Maximum duration: 15 minutes. As a rule of thumb, begin the recording by introducing your core research question briefly, avoid excessive contextualizing/framing, then argue your 3-4 main points concisely and leave the audience wanting for more during the live session (when you can have all your other notes at hand to complement your presentation).

File size: no maximum file size but, on average, a 15-minute mp4 file tends to be 3-600 MB

Device to record your presentation? Any – PC, Mac, tablet, phone, camera, webcam, Zoom recording (or similar), etc.

Format: any, as long as it suits the presentation. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • You simply reading your paper to camera
  • A PowerPoint/Keynote presentation + you reading your paper as Voice Over
  • A PowerPoint/Keynote presentation + you reading your paper to camera in PiP in one corner of the screen
    • Note: if you use slides (in any app) summarize the main points of your arguments as opposed to cramming them with long paragraphs pasted verbatim from your paper
  • A video-essay (either formal, creative, performative)
  • A podcast-like presentation (audio only, no video)
  • A mix of the above

Clips/citations: you CAN embed clips/include citations in your presentations within “fair use” limits as you would normally do in an in-person paper presentation, as long as you cite sources correctly.

  • Note: Try to limit the use of embedded clips anyway as they will eat away time from your 15-minute allocation. If available, it is best to provide links/references to freely available online resources that can be consulted by delegates when watching your presentations. Remember that delegates will watch presentations in asynchronous before the live sessions and therefore they are not bound to the 15-minute limit of the presentation itself.


Any of the following options that you can use for free:

  • Upload the MP4 file to your GoogleDrive/OneDrive or similar, than share it with
  • Upload it to DropBox and share it with
  • Send it to via WeTransfer