Amie Taua

Chairing: PANEL 18… PEDAGOGY

Friday 17 September (Day 5), Session 1, 9 am


Amie Taua studied at the University of Otago, completing her Bachelor of Arts in English and Media and Film studies. In 2015 she completed a first class honours degree and in 2017, Amie received the University of Otago Pacific Masters Scholarship. 2018 saw Amie graduate with a Masters degree with distinction, completing her research entitled “A Foot in Both Worlds: The Bicultural Audience and Film in New Zealand”.

Amie has presented papers such as Harry Potter and the Negotiated Space: A Bicultural Perspective (SRN 2017), “Shut Up and Dance”: Activation of the Online Self in Black Mirror (Mediating the Real 2: Mediations in a Post Truth Era, 2017) and Moana: Understanding Transnational Movement Through Film (Space Race Bodies III, 2018).

Since graduating in 2018, Amie has moved to London to work and pursue further research in audience reception.